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  1. Schedule and Procedure of Motorcycle Maintenance
    Motorcycle maintenance must be done in accordance with the procedure and mileage indicated in the Periodical Maintenance Table for each model of vehicles.

  2. Check Engine Oil and Brake Fluid

    • Switch out the dipstick. The level of engine oil should be at the upper limit mark on the dipstick. Check if the oil is too dirty or too thin, or if there is strange smell. If so, engine oil from of the same brand or level can be added or swaped.
    • When you switch the stick, check if the stick is loosen or abnormal by switching it upward, downward, forward, backward, and to the left/ right. The switching movement should be smooth. Check if the brake fluid is between the upper and lower limit. If it's not enough, fluid should be added.

  3. Check Brake Clearance
    Pull the front and rear brake handle lightly to check the internal clearance at the end of the handle. The clearance should be 10mm- 20mm. Please check maintenance handbooks for actual specifications.

  4. Check the Sound and Light

    Turn on the ignition switch to check if the horn works.

    Check if the position light, tail light, appliance lamp, headlight, turn signals, lamp, and engine oil warning light work.

  5. Check Tire

    Check if the abrasion of the tire's non-skid tread is even.

    Check the pressure.

  6. Check exhaust system
    Checking air filter, gas filter, and spark plug regularly can help to reduce the motorcycle's consumption, keep it in good condition, reduce air pollution, and protect your physical and mental health.