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Functions of the MVDIS Website

There are three types of services on the website of the iRoad.

  1. Information

    After entering the front page, users can choose “Introduction of offices” to check addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and postal remittance account numbers of motor vehicle offices at different locations. If users choose “Description of Services”, they can find introductions of “Easy-Go” services of motor vehicle offices, related regulations of application for motor vehicle services, various application forms for motor vehicle services, and information such as addresses, telephone numbers of companies which offer examination services and driver training schools.

  2. Information enquiries of motor vehicles

    At the moment, the functions include registration information enquiries for motor vehicles, information enquiries for drivers, violation information which covers the information for traffic rule violation, Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance violation and provides search engines for the public to look for related regulations.

  3. The application for motor vehicle services

    After choosing the needed application services, users can proceed directly. These services include fine payment for regulation violation, payment for automobile fuel fee, change of permit for motorcycles, renewal of permit for motorcycles, renewal of registration form for motorcycles, change of addresses for automobiles, renewal of permit for automobiles, change of permit for automobiles, renewal of registration form for registry of automobiles, certified documents of no accidents for automobiles drivers, certified documents of no accidents for motorcyclists, change of addresses for automobiles drivers, change of addresses for motorcyclists, and coverage of the Compulsory Motorcycle Liability Insurance. However, due to consideration for safety, users must apply for Authentication with the GCA, and then proceed with the application for motor vehicle services with the Authentication floppy disk.