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Traffic safety

  1. Check the driver's condition of mental health

    The driver's physical and mental health must be kept at the best condition in order to cope with all kinds of conditions during driving.

  2. No drunk driving
    The effect of alcohol on the driver
    In the social occasions where drinking can not be avoided:

    • One of the party can not drink─ the designated driver
    • Be a boss─ take a taxi
    • Do not go home tonight─ stay at a hotel

  3. Complete Vehicle Safety Examination: items and sequence of the examination.

  4. Collect information about the traffic condition to avoid being stuck in the traffic jam.
  5. Take all required valid documents: for example, driving permit, drivers' license, and certificates of the Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance.
  6. Do not drive without driver's license, otherwise, you'll have to face serious consequences.
  7. Children Safety Seat should be placed properly.

  8. Follow the regulations of seating and loading. Set out the journey happily, come home safely.

  9. Overloading on the roads and bridges will cause extra fines.

  10. Adjust the seat headrest and the back mirror.

  11. Check if the safety belt is fastened.
  12. Motorcyclists must wear helmets.