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Introduction of the System

  1. Introduction of the system

    There are 8 operation centers at the current Electronic Motor Vehicle Inspection Network System. In each operation center, there are 31 stations with the HiLink VPN as the communication backbone of the network system's framework. The operation centers are connected to HiLink network with two EI lines and support each other. Each station is connected to the HiLink network with two-way 512K DSL, and supports each other. The complete system network framework is as Figure 1:

  2. System Services

    • Automobile Registration Management System
    • Motorcycle Registration Management System
    • Drivers Management System
    • Regulation Violation Management System
    • Motor Vehicle Fee Charge Collection System
    • Statistical Analysis System
    • Technician Examination Management System
    • Tax Charge Management System
    • Transportation Industry Management System
    • Driver Training School Management System

  3. System Performance

    To improve service quality and free the public from the trouble of traveling, applications to motor vehicle services are made free from the limitation of the jurisdiction of household registry offices.The public can check, pay various fee charges through diverse channels.

    United services of national and municipal operations for motor vehicles and integration of the system and network can save resources and enhance administration efficiency. Services are offered 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

    Full time online services, diverse channels for fee charge payment.