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Security & Privacy Policy

  1. To help users of the Electronic Motor Vehicles & Driver Information System Website (the Site) understand the operation of the Site and the collection and use of their personal information, the Electronic Motor Vehicles & Driver Information System has established a Privacy Statement (the Statement) to protect the privacy of users of this Site.
  2. Within a reasonable scope, the Site welcomes linking. In case of citation or reference, please indicate the source.
  3. To fully respect and safeguard personal privacy, all personal information provided for use within this Site will be protected by appropriate procedures and techniques.
  4. Collection of Personal Information The Site will collect information such as the IP address and browsing activities of a user for internal analysis. Some personal information must be submitted to use some services, including email correspondence and bulletin messaging, provided at this Site.
  5. All personal information collected on the Site, unless otherwise specified or as set forth under relevant laws or regulations, will only be utilized within the scope of original intent.
  6. A cookie is a tool through which the server interacts with a user's browser. The Site utilizes cookies to provide a more flexible user interface. However, users can choose to disable or restrict such functionality by configuring their browser preferences.
  7. The Electronic Motor Vehicles & Driver Information System does not control and is not responsible for the content of any third-party web sites linked to from within this Site. The user is responsible for reviewing the privacy statements and abiding by the terms of use posted at those sites.