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What Drivers and Vehicle Owners Should Know In General?

  1. When you transfer ownership, change, stop driving, resume driving, discard, and cancel plates for automobiles or motorcycles, please apply for registration of change to avoid unnecessary tax fee, violation fines and fees for your own interest.
  2. Automobile owners should drive to examination locations or plants designated by motor vehicle offices at designated date for periodical automobile examination.
  3. Private cars less than five years old do not require examination. Those between five and ten years old must be examined annually. Cars more than ten years old must be examined at least twice yearly. Please check the date for the next examination, which is written in the driving permits to avoid overdue fines.
  4. Those who change the body, engine, and chassis of automobile or motorcycle should apply for temporary inspection.
  5. If your vehicle is not examined within the time limit, the owner is liable to a fine of between NT$900 and NT$1,800.

    If the vehicle examination is not completed more than one month overdue, the license plates will be suspended until the examination is completed.

    If the vehicle examination is not completed more than six months overdue, the license plate will be cancelled.

  6. Overdue fine for automobile fuel utilization fee is between NT$300 to NT$3,000.
  7. Overdue fine for motorcycle fuel utilization fee is between NT$300 to NT$600.
  8. Those who fail to pay license plates tax for automobiles and motorcycles with exhaust volume over 150 CC within the time limit are liable to a fine which doubles or triples the tax payables.
  9. The motorcycle owners who do not purchase the Compulsory Automobile Liability insurance in accordance with the law are liable to a fine between NT$6,000 to NT$60,000 depending on the seriousness of the violation once being discovered and reported.
  10. Vehicle owners must pay violation fines within the time limit in order to avoid overdue fines. If the payment is never made, the license plate will be canceled, and the owner has to wait six months for a new inspection and applying for a new plate. Please do not lose the ship for half penny worth of tar.
  11. Please apply for change registration when you change addresses to ensure that the related motor vehicle documents can be accurately delivered and to protect your own interest.