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Accidents Prevention and Handling

  1. Types of Accidents and Jurisdiction of Accidents Handling
    General traffic accidents:

    • Traffic accidents on the highway should be handled by highway police.
    • Railroad accidents should be handled by railroad police offices and the local police with jurisdiction. Railroad police offices on the accident scene are the major ones.
    • Accidents involved with military vehicles should be handled by military police offices with assistance from the local police. Before the military police arrive at the accident scene, the local police officers can take care of it first and then transfer to the military police offices.
    • Traffic accidents involved with foreigners should be handled by traffic (administration) police, foreign affairs police, and the Criminal Investigation Bureau, and then transferred to foreign affairs police or the Criminal Investigation Bureau, depending on the nature of the accident.

      Types of Accidents and Jurisdiction of Accidents Handling

  2. Principles of handling Traffic Accidents

    • In the case of minor traffic accidents with only money loss or minor damages, if the party concerned reach agreements on the scene, it is not necessary to report to the police.
    • Handling General Traffic Accidents

      • Before the police arrive, please turn on the danger warning light.
      • Evacuate people from the vehicle, take medical or other necessary measure to the dead or wounded, and report to the police. Do not drive away from the scene.
      • Place vehicle breakdown signs in the back of the vehicle at the accident scene by the rule.
      • Look for witnesses at the scene if possible, in order to help clarifying the fact.
      • Take photographs of important proof and the condition at the accident scene if there is a camera available at the vehicle, which can be offered as proof and reference to the police and for the insurance companies. What needs to be photographed?

        • The position of the vehicle involved in the accident.
        • The crashed, scratched part of the vehicle, and the brake mark, the scratched marks on the ground, dust, water, oil, broken glass or other remains.
        • The wounded part and the location where the wounded fall.
      • After the police arrive:

        • Help to rescue the wounded and collect related information at the accident scene.
        • Help the police to draw graphs at the scene. Before having the drafts signed, please check if there's anything important missed in the graphs. If so, please ask the handling staff there to correct and sign.
        • What contains in the written record is usually the content of interview. During interview, truth should be stated. Sign it after confirming the content is in accordance with the fact.
        • Better prepare the following items in the vehicle, just in case when needed:
          A. Pen and paper
          B. Chalk and white spray paint
          C. Camera

          Principles of handling Traffic Accidents

    • Agreements
      If the accident is minor or the truth is clear, the party concerned can apply for the assistance of the Conciliation Board in the respective county, town, or city. The result of conciliation can be used as the base of compensation and agreement in order to close the case sooner.


    • Apply for Authentication

      • Application for authentication should be made by the party concerned via post or in person to the authentication board with jurisdiction of the area where the accident occurred. Alternatively, it can be transferred by the police, or ordered by judicial (military) organizations.
      • If the party concerned has any disagreements towards the authentication above, they can apply for a review to the Review Board at the respective province or city within 15 days since the day after the conclusion arrives. But such review can be apply once only. For those who are already in the judicial (military) procedures, the application for review should be made to the respective judicial (military) organization.
      • The party concerned can present the result of authentication and the conclusion of the review at the judicial (military) organizations as reference for compensation and judgment.

        Apply for Authentication

    • Liabilities of the Party Concerned

      • Criminal Liabilities: fines, imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment.
      • Administrative liabilities: fines, violation points, seminars, or suspension of driver's license.
      • Civil Liabilities: Agreements towards traffic accidents and damage compensation can be reached by the party concerned, or handled by courts in accordance with law.

        Liabilities of the Party Concerned

  3. Basic concept of First-Aid
    First aid is the medical measures performed to the wounded before the paramedics arrive or before the wounded arrives hospital in the case of accidents or sudden illness. The goal is to save lives, prevent deterioration and help the wounded receiving proper medical treatment sooner.